You are the Answer…

Written by Sadiyah Riaz
Oh you beloved!
You are the answer
To all those years
Where I was nothing
But a questioner
And a wanderer
On the lane of unknown
And of curiosities
Where I knew nothing about
The road I am treading to
Let me confess this
You are the response
Of all my prayers
From my Lord.
I was unheard of you
Yet asked for you
All the mysteries
Unveiled through you
You are that warmth
Of those cold nights
And those beams of sunshine
In the foggy days
Your love adorned me
With that shimmer on my face
Today, I am expressing
My gratitude to you
By opening up my heart
Around that had high walls
Unlocking that cage
That kept my heart secured
For you only!
Now I know why
My soul moved
When it met yours
Every fragment of mine
Rejoiced with ecstasy
That our paths crossed
You are the poem
Etched on those pages
I had left for you
This is me
After having you
Oh you beloved!
You are the answer
To all those years…

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