My Favorite National Song – Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai


Patriotic songs, and poetry is something we as Pakistanis truly connect with. Growing up, every August 14th, PTV transmission was dominated by the presentation of ‘Qaumi Naghmey’ that echoed through our streets and neighborhoods.

Though my youth relates more to the craze of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, but my all-time favorite national song remains ‘Ye Watan Tumhara Hey’. The poetry by Kaleem Usmani, the melody and the voice of the King of Ghazals, Mehdi Hasan, are just unforgettable. Though many years have gone by since this classic song was aired, 55 years to be precise, the poetry seems to have held meaning through time. The message to the youth keeps it forever young and relevant. The spirit of ownership of one’s identity and the need for tolerance and keeping strong faith is what touches my heart.


There is also a blend of emotions that engulf the senses as you close your eyes to this earthy tune. I sense the pain and the loss of those who sacrificed all to win us this freedom. The conviction of a brighter tomorrow. I associate with the strong faith and the need to hold on to it, understanding the responsibility of self in these challenging times, with the need to remain optimistic and hopeful. It addresses the youth who in any time, era or period, hold the future of the country in their hands.

Even today when you hear this song, it so clearly identifies the need to stay united and warns us about sectarian hate and the dangers of division. I suppose the message remains pertinent and therefore, the song asserts a certain youth and vitality about it. An evergreen…

By Shama Mir


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