A World Parallel to Mine


In a world parallel to mine
The dreams I dreamt
The places I wanted to be
Were offered on shelves
Displayed in glass cases
For all to see
In a world parallel to mine
All you had to do
To make any of it come true
Was to reach out
Standing on your toes
And grab on to the one thing
You felt would put an end to your woes
In a world parallel to mine
Things were that simple
And if I too
Kept my eyes closed long enough
I could have all that
The world at my finger tips
So I opened them all the same
Because in a world parallel to mine
There were no storms
The seas were calm
And taught you nothing but what a beautiful sunset looks like
It didn’t teach you how to get through storms
And the sheer joy of finding the one star to help you navigate your way back home
In a world parallel to mine
Love came easy, taken for granted
No aches, no sacrifice
So I opened my eyes because I’d rather live and learn here
Than in the world parallel to mine

Illustrations & Written by Zoya Amjad



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