By Maham Amjad

Life is strange, life for me has been a stage drama, seeing everything which you forget calling it a stage show is what I have witnessed in my young years. I am a feminist yet I would blame women more than men.

What is a woman? A woman is a daughter, a sister, a wife and most of all a mother.

What role can a woman play? A woman can be the respect of her father, her brother, her husband and of her children. If a woman accomplishes to be someone’s respect, how can she fail in making the world respect her?



Who raises a child? Whose thinking does the child inherit? A man or a woman is not born evil or political. Society affects our thinking but before the society our thinking comes from our own home.

Politics… For a child, politics begins from home. Hearing your mom and her sisters chat and fight and be over it until another fight, is something we all have witnessed in our childhood.

Gender discrimination…

Most of the mothers want a Son, emphasis on “most”. A woman who was once a daughter herself prefers a son. They cry on the birth of a daughter. I have witnessed mothers telling their sons to beat their sisters, this is what carries on. Husbands hitting their wives once hit their sisters.

People who say Men are ruling the world are forgetting those men were raised by a woman, my point of view is not to blame women but to tell them what power they posses.

Women can rule the world, women can do things which a man can never do. All you need to do is change your thinking so the thinking of the coming generation changes with yours. No one can stop you, circumstances, tragedies and betrayals are something we all face, to fight for your right is what you deserve.

The change we ask for is something we can bring ourselves. We just need to change ourselves to change the world. Shine on darlings, the world is at your feet.