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usmanUsman Azhar hails from a family that has always supported arts. He grew up in an environment where late night family gatherings were a regular event with songs and poetry recitals accompanied by hot cups of tea. With some great voices and writers around him, he had the initial exposure that made him appreciate and enjoy all forms of creativity and arts.

“All that I have learned has been through their amazing support and blessings. I am a singer and songwriter with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

With natural talent which was further nurtured, Usman was able to pursue his passion and started an entrepreneurial venture, Nidus. Putting down his ideas and stories in writing has been a childhood hobby, something that has stayed with him till today. His association with playing various instruments started when his brothers gave him his first guitar on his fifteenth birthday and as they say rest  is history.

“I believe one has to explore within before expressing yourself outwardly. This way your self-expression, in whatever form it is, becomes more meaningful. Music has been a very powerful tool to explore my inner-self and as a form of self-expression.”

Usman For Usman, music is not just a ‘mood changer’, it has been a journey which he enjoys and it has taught him at every step of the growth process. He is a firm believer in self-educating to further improve himself and this is a practice that he sticks to.

Talking about Pakistan’s society and its support for arts, he shared that though the system and support is not as systematic as in other countries but still it exists and is improving by the day. The aspect that most people don’t consider professional arts is because of no monetary fixed paths associated with the profession. One has to be innovative and come up with ways to monetize their talent. With his startup that is doing well now, he says that he wants to keep inspiring his peers and help them discover their own path.

Arts and artists have no boundaries and should not be confined too. This is a tool that unifies emotions and people with all background are capable to connect with it. So all those who want to pursue this and everyone out there should have an open heart and embrace arts without any form of discrimination.

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How to share with just friends.

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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