Unity, Faith, Discipline


Quaid-e-Aazam Muhammad Ali Jinnah first said these words in a speech to the students of Islamia College Peshawar in 1948. These words were meant to be a blueprint as to how to proceed and grow as responsible citizens of this new State that we had managed to get after a long and arduous struggle. His message to the youth at that time was to develop their skills and continue working hard with focus and discipline so that they could get closer to their goal of becoming one of the greatest States in the world. He strongly urged people to move beyond provincialism and racialism to build a unified Pakistan that had faith in what it could achieve at a global front.

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It is safe to say that when we look at Pakistan right now, we might have kept the words of this national slogan in mind but we’ve definitely forgotten the essence of the message, and because we’ve lost that vision we’re very far from the goal that our forefathers had when they dreamed of Pakistan. However, if we choose to remind ourselves of the importance of Unity, Faith and Discipline this independence day, we can definitely re calibrate our goals as citizens of this country. The important thing to realize is that we may not be able to change the psyche of the country in one day or one year even, but each of us doing our own part to keep the dream of a great Pakistan alive can do wonders.

Every time we catch ourselves thinking about or talking about a community of People in Pakistan in terms of the ‘other’, stop and reflect. The more we label each other in terms of religion, ethnicity or provincially, the further we get from seeing each other as Pakistanis, as fellow brothers and sisters. Also realize that no idea, no matter how noble it is, can come to fruitition if it is not followed by a plan that is followed to a T with discipline and character. At the end of the day I think the most important asset to have is Faith, faith in ourselves and our fellow Pakistanis, to not fall into cyniscism, and give each other the benefit of the doubt, thinking the best of each other.

This is the only way we can move forward, with an attitude that is positive and open minded, no matter what the circumstances, so that we are thinking more towards solutions for our problems rather than growing depressed by focusing on the problem. I hope we can all take each independence day as a moment to remind ourselves of the importance of unity, faith and discipline, both in our daily lives as individuals and as a nation, so that every year we can take more steps to take Pakistan and its people closer to becoming a great State, as the Quaid imagined.

By Sameen Mohsin


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