The Young Women Entrepreneurs of Nur`s World


We have all read the amazing story of the young entrepreneur Nur Ali, she is now sharing some details with us about her amazing team across Pakistan. More power to you girls!



“I am a 24 year old working mother who adores natural and chemical free products. I have a a passion for digital marketing which pushed me to work with Nur Organic Studio. Currently I am working as a brand ambassador for Nur Organic Studio`s Islamabad Region.” – Ramsha Hashmi





“NOS is very important to me at personal level. It’s not just a professional pursuit because the name of the brand & what it stands for is important to me personally. It’s about empowering women with ethical business practices. Also my field of interest is marketing & NOS is a good platform to have newer insights & hands on knowledge as data science has made its inroads to marketing ushering in marketing 4.0 which is very exciting. That’s why I am enthralled to be its Brand Rep for Nur Organic Studio`s Faisalabad region” – Shirin Jarrah




I am currently completing my MBA with Major in Marketing. Being a regular customer of NOS is what inclined me to be a part of this amazing family. I knew that since the products are so efficient and are a great value for money it wouldn’t take me much time to grow as a brand representative and as a marketing student in general implementing what we learn in universities onto the real life. In university life only it’s a great experience to become a Brand Rep of NOS Lahore.” – Syeda Tooba Taqi





“I am currently in the final semester of MBA. Recently I have joined NOS team as a brand representative in Lahore. In the past, I had wanted to work as a freelancer and bring up my own pocket money. This is a great opportunity to practically implement promotional strategies for the quality products and to gain experience and confidence before entering the real life outside the campus.” – Meera Ayyaz


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