“The Right to Life”


The whole adventure that lies in growing up to realize who you really are is what I call evolution. The process is a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. Although the concept is truly complicated, the success of this expedition itself is pre-determined by attitudes and the necessary attributes. The triumph and failure of this operation solely depends on our disposition as people and the energy that we are willing to consume and deliver. Our emancipation as a free people lies in unseen and unspoken buoyancy.

Having established my say on what truly matters in the process of evolution, I would like to settle in with the idea of equality when it comes to the right to life. The miracle of child birth is such a wondrous phenomenon, that it not only declares a baby being born, but also professes the emergence of a mother. When one is blessed with children, boy or girl, the notion of possibilities, happiness and fulfilment walks in.

Today, as we celebrate Women’s Day, I’d like to reflect on that equality and right to life. The equality, which we all debate about fiercely in the light of cultural, religious and human rights. A human being has every right to exercise his or her will to live and prosper as an individual having the right to choose. Freedom in essence, is the ability to take your own decisions and select your own destination. It is shouldering the responsibility from the beginning till the end.

The parameters of equality do not succumb to gender. The concept of egalitarianism encompasses both sexes and their right to express their identity and convey their happiness and state of wellbeing. The success of a just society lies in how brilliantly the individuality of each member is acknowledged and supported to flourish and achieve.

Therefore, when we celebrate women, we need not look at them as a segregated ego, an isolated story or the locus of power. Equality is a concept that should be spread through the society in the form of education, security, economic and social reforms, political empowerment, leadership opportunities and health awareness. The attitudes that brace such a culture, celebrate differences, accept distinctive behaviours and rule out labels.

And so, on this ‘International Women’s Day’, I would like to highlight the need for us to better define equality and how it treats both men and women. How men and women can support each other in achieving their objectives, liberating each other’s fears. Just how important it is for people to evolve and define themselves in the roles that they are most comfortable to adopt. Be they men or women.

By Shama Mir


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