The Goodness, That Might Kill


By Aima Yousaf Jamal

Those who don’t open their hearts,
Those who conceal their being.
Those who are too afraid to vent,
Those souls will rarely heal.

Those who hide behind a mask,
Those who cover their soul with veils.
Those who pretend to be enduring,
Those in real are very frail.

Those who posses infectious smiles,
Those with thick & hefty laughs.
Those who seem high spirited,
Those have an impeccable facade.

Those who walk the baffled path,
Those who say they have no fear.
Those who seem filled with pride,
Those have their broken hearts seared.

Those who would soothe you,
Those who provide you solace.
Those with arms wide open,
Those on the verge of going insane.

Those who are on the broken road,
Those who refuse to share.
Those with heads held up high,
Those are not left with any flare.

Those who don’t confess their plight,
Those fixated on being sure.
Those who seem calm & composed,
Those contain a ceaseless roar.


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