The cost of success


By Minahil Amin

Whenever there is an award function or some important conference, important men have often been heard saying that a woman was the main inspiration for them to climb up the ladders of success. It might be true that behind every successful man is a woman, but then is there a man behind every successful woman? Not really.  In most cases, a woman can become successful only if she manages to break free from the bonds of hostage that her men have implied on her. It usually happens that a woman has two choices in her life: to marry or to focus on her career. It is stereotyped that women can’t handle too many things at one time, and that earning money should be left for the man. But who says that jobs, occupations or studies exist for the sole purpose of making money? Can’t a woman work just because she likes to?

The main point to note here is that in most cases, a woman can earn success only if she works hard enough, if she rebels or goes against her family, if she refuses to marry, if she refuses to stay in the house to make round ‘rotis’ or if she refuses to choose the profession that her parents said she should choose if she wanted a ‘good rishta’. Either way, it is the woman who has to work hard to make her place in the world. The man just has to go to work. Nobody will stop him, or tell him not to work and change diapers instead. A woman has to fight every single second of her life to get what she wants. She has to break free from the shackles of a male-dominated society at every stage in life. She has to cross barriers at every step. She has to keep looking back to see if her children or home are being neglected. She has to keep looking back to see if her parents have to bear taunts of random people because of her. A new hurdle at every step, but only a woman possesses the strength to cross these hurdles and make her life. Only a woman possesses the strength to fight for her dreams till the very end. Only a woman possesses the strength to defy the parameters of greatness set for her by the men of her society. Only a woman possesses the strength to go to any extent for fulfilling her goals and aspirations. A woman needs to possess this strength. Because success comes with a cost, only for a woman.