How to survive A levels 101: (Tried and Tested)


Maryam Mudasar giving us an insightful survival plan for A levels 101. A level folks, better listen up to her.

Always, always, always do your assignments the night before they are due but if you are really an over-achiever, do them right before the period they are due in.


@ Insider Guides

Attending class is over-rated; in the question of “To bunk or not to bunk,” always bunk. You do come to school just to take selfies anyways…

@ Saint Leo University

@ Saint Leo University

Go to every concert, birthday and event you are invited to, because after all, you’ll only go through A levels once…or maybe twice or thrice…


@ Asad Anwar

Lend money to everyone; you don’t need to be economical and save money because at the end of the day, money does grow on trees and Pakistan’s economy is booming!


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Give your SAT once or twice or maybe a hundred times because as I said before, money grows on trees and just giving the SAT is your only goal in A levels.


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Spend all your weekends at MUNs or at other competitions because universities do want you to only focus on your extra-curriculars and not your academics.

@ bestdelegate

@ bestdelegate

Do not start your university application process before the December of A2 since time is a social construct and it always puts a good impression on universities if you apply to their programmes after the admission deadline has passed.

@ Kyra Davis

Spend your nights over thinking and your days feeling completely exhausted due to your lack of sleep. I mean, who even likes feelings all fresh and good about themselves?

@ thepepperbox

@ thepepperbox

Overestimate yourself and take more than the required number of A level subjects and when the going gets tough drop each one of them, one by one. Who even cares about all the notes and past paper booklets you bought?


Instead of studying for your A levels, stalk your crush’s “girl” best friend’s brother’s friend on social media because when you finally sum up the courage to say “hi” to your crush for the first time, he’ll totally want to know how the “girl” best friend’s brother’s friend’s June 2014 Summer trip to Switzerland went. I’m telling you that he will definitely want to know this!


The ideal time to start a new season is right in the middle of your Mids or Finals; you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll finish the ten seasons of “Friends” or all the seasons of “Game of Thrones”…

@ asturiaswireless

@ asturiaswireless

Care about your future enough but not enough to actually get things done ahead of time for once and make something of your life…


Don’t care about your CIE result or meeting your admission conditions for the universities you miraculously got accepted to because who even needs a university degree?


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Plus, if all else fails, you can always trap a hot, rich guy with “Zubaida Apa’s totkay” and become his trophy wife! Hain ji?

By Maryam Mudasar


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