Just Some Pakistani Things We All Have


Cherishing our identity as Pakistani is the best gift we can give to our motherland. Yes, we are a bunch of smart, passionate, dedicated, loving, respectful, hospitable individuals and we take great pride in our culture and traditions, values and beliefs, and a few desi traits that are just Pakistani.

You might have read some of these before, but I am sure all of us can relate to these in some way or the other.

1. The Passion for Cricket

Courtesy: Dawn

Courtesy: Dawn

Most of you reading this must have been to match screenings, even at times when you had speculated losing to the other side. Call us dheet, but this is actually enough to prove our unconditional support for the team and undying love for cricket. We never miss on a cricket match; we always ensure sufficient arrangements to watch/listen to match updates while traveling, working, studying, dining.

2. Creativity
funny-policeFrom 50-50 to Neelam Ghar, Alpha Bravo Charlie to Bulbulay, Waar to Coke Studio, Pakistanis never disappoint when it comes to creativity. Not only our work, but our personal lives reflect our creative side too. We know the art and science to bring everything to good use, even when it has already been used. We make sewing boxes out of cookie tins, we make pet homes out of old shoe boxes, we make mops out of old cardigans, we store water in empty cold drink bottles, we save ice-cream containers to parcel food items. Conserving environment, reusing and recycling products are concepts introduced by the west in recent times, but Pakistanis have been doing it from an immemorial time and are proud of it.

3. Multi-tasking
New Most Funny Pictures From Pakistan (10)When it comes to handling multiple tasks at a time, nobody can beat us. We can cook and talk on phone, we can watch TV and textΒ a thousand people at the same time, we can iron clothes and gulp down breakfast and this is not all, we can play games and do social networking while sitting on the toilet seat (You can definitely relate to this one :p).

4. “Foodie” Defines Us!

Courtesy: Pak 360

Courtesy: Pak 360

It won’t come as a surprise if someone tells me that “foodie” was actually coined for Pakistanis. Yes, we are food lovers and food motivates us. Be it a birthday party, a wedding, a business conference or a training session, food is something we all look forward to. It is for this sheer reason that “Aaj kya pakkay ga?” and “Khanay mei kya hai?” are the most oftenrepeated questions we all come across in our lives.

5. Respect and Relationships

Courtesy: Zafar Iqbal

Courtesy: Zafar Iqbal

You will not find any other nation that makes relationships with random people on the streets and addresses everyone with respect. Every other man or woman we meet outside our homes instantly becomes “Uncle” and “Aunty”, an old aged rickshaw driver becomes “Baba”, a young sabzi wala becomes “Bhaiya” and a kid cleaning cars on traffic signal becomes “Beta”. We don’t call by occupations, we don’t disrespect; we build relations!


Courtesy: ISPR

6. We Care!
If you are a woman and going on a bike, you might hear a passer-by yelling out “Baji dupatta ooper keren”, warning you of your dupatta swaying with the wind only to get trapped in the wheel. If you are a man, you might come to know of a flat tyre by way of an onlooker’s comment. We do care for each other. We stop by to see an accident and offer help, we stop by to control traffic flow and resolve fights on the roads.

7. The Unknown Yet Known “Cheez”

Courtesy: Dawn

Courtesy: Dawn

If you have kids in your surroundings or if you remember even a bit of your childhood, you know what I am talking about πŸ˜‰ We wanted “cheez” as kids and this is one tradition that has survived through generations. It is like some chip embedded inside kids that read out “cheez” as soon as they see their elders. This cheez comes in various shapes and sizes, biscuits, chips, chocolates, jellies – it has no limits. As kids, we don’t like calling them by their individual names, we believe the word “cheez” fits all and if you don’t get it for us, we know how to insist πŸ˜‰

Being a Pakistani, I love all of these desi traits. They define who I am and where I belong to and if ever I travel outside my homeland, I know I would be able to tell people: “Humarey Pakistan mei aisa hota hai.” πŸ™‚

By Anum Sultan


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