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Shumaila Kanwal, a software engineer by profession is also a multi-media artist. Her passion lies in 3D animation and poetry. She transforms emotions into poetry along with basic pencil animations. Most of her poems are based on emotions, women and on feelings that one cannot express openly. Here, we are sharing some of her poems. For more of her work, you can read it HERE

Here is a poem on what she observes in the society.

I was a pearl, kept in care

The world was heaven when loved ones were near

My father was my hero, my brother was my friend

I never thought of a world, I could never stand

Then I grew up and left to explore

The world out there had something more

To show me, to teach me

That how strong I could be

To face the world that is not even

Close to be a beautiful heaven

All angels in the sky & filthy monsters here

They follow, they smile, they harass, they stare

Their stare can tell you what’s inside their mind

They are the worst of their kind

Facing the world with each passing day

To the monsters out there, I just wanna say

I am that pearl, stronger than before

From this world, I am afraid no more

From this world, I am afraid no more


A poem written in remembrance of the Peshawar terrorist attack


Mother! Mother! I feel so cold

“It’s winter now”, you already told

I can’t move or even speak

Many times you told me that I am so weak

What’s that thing? Am I dead?

Did the shot me in the head?

Did I tell you about those who came?

To play with us a different game

Of hide and seek

If the found us, they would shoot

If we found them, they would shoot

Did I told you, we didn’t want to play?

But they never gave us a chance to say

Bang! Bang! An awful sound

One by one we fell on the ground

In their game, they we not fair

They kept on playing, we were lying there

The game they started, the game we lost

We laid there with bodies, cold as frost

Mother! Mother! Will you play?

The game that we lost today

The rules are simple; I’m telling you

When the game starts, all you have to do

If you find them, you should shoot

If they find you, you should shoot

They wont let a dream come true – (Animation) 

Poems by Shumaila Kanwal

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