Shagufha Rathore, Lahore


“I am currently working as a communications officer for ITU. Organizing training and workshops for students, faculty and staff at ITU is a major part of my job. I really enjoy what I do as it gives me an opportunity to meet different trainers and professors from all over the world. I believe that meeting new people and listening to their life experiences is the most exciting thing in life. Listening to other people’s stories enables a person to visualize whatever they themselves have not been able to do in life, and gives them a push to try something new. One should never hesitate from learning new things. Life has taught me that everything is unexpected and that we should go with the flow and not refrain ourselves from experiencing something exciting that life might have in store for us. We should take one step at a time. A person’s main purpose in life should be to try to find their internal peace. People, places and work are just temporary. They come and go. Inner satisfaction is all that matters.” (Lahore, Pakistan) — with Shagufha Rathore.


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