Regardless of the gender


Being a believer of creationism, my conviction never fails to express applause to the Creator of this universe Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. The purpose of the creation of genders might be different but it fails to prove the idea of gender discrimination, which is a burning issue of the modern society, though full of stereotypes. Nobody has a right to define one gender superior to the other especially women facing the issue for ages trying to prove themselves by educating themselves and learning skills and competing with males for a respectful image. Being fragile and physically weak is not a real parameter to delineate the strength of one’s character, integrity & willpower. A woman’s inner strength is much more than unbeatable determination, impressive zest and incredible patience. They are no more inferior to men in any general or particular way.

I am not here to deliver a lecture on the status of women in Islam or their outstanding achievements in the modern society of Western culture. I am only trying to modify the orthodox mindset that women cannot work or achieve anything. Such kind of limiting and conservative approach reveals the darkness of minds since light only liberates the human thoughts and supports the ideology of equality of genders, not to avail any unnecessary rights but to declare the very basic rights of feminism. Why to determine specific jobs for one gender only.

History has proved that women have been good warriors along with the maternal and nursing instincts. Whatever is soft and yielding happens to be the most powerful and resilient for example water can round the shape of irregular stones with passage of time. So, a vivid goodbye to any narrow approach which only boosts the male ego and especially the chauvinists.

It’s not a competition between two genders, It’s not a war, It’s not a debate about power and strength. It’s more about respect, harmony and understanding on a level full of empathy and humanity. Degrading any human being can never give you the satisfaction of being strong and invulnerable rather it’s pure cowardice. So acceptance is the main issue. Many people declare to respect women but in real they do not understand the basic meaning of respect and dignity. They hardly know how to give honour to a woman who is brave enough to fight her fears and face the world with a spirit of a superhero. Why not encourage them rather than competing and suffocating the environment, environment of equal human rights in every field of life from employment to domestic decision making.

Not every woman is blessed with the gift of bearing offspring but those who are blessed in this regard and when asked to express their motherhood were found confessing equal love for their children despite their genders. But why the society still got the mindset of ancient Arabs celebrating the birth of baby boys and staying diplomatically silent on the birth of baby girls… Why not equal celebration, equal rights & equal opportunities in life… Intelligence is not a property of one gender then why to highlight the performance of a person full of prejudice towards the gender. We need to liberate ourselves from this thought and focus on the idea of being a good or bad human being rather than that of a dominant male and a helpless woman. Nobody is born in vain, hence every soul is created with a unique purpose and we all need to give every human being respect regardless of his/her gender since gender determination is only Divine decision. Nobody selects to be a male or a female, a man or a woman, a boy or a girl so i say again respect!!!

Domestic violence, sexual harassment and much more than that what could a society fabricate about the image of a woman without sheer acceptance and respect.

So I suggest all the ladies struggling in their respective lives facing numerous issues stay brave because you are born beautifully special with paradise under your feet, being half of the religion and a path to success as far as you are righteous and dedicated as well. Your worth is much more than your unlimited devoted services at home, at work, at business and everywhere you rock the world regardless of your gender!

By Rabeeya Rida Hashmi


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