Rameez Khalid – Tackling Social Issues through Music


“No matter how much support you have, if its your road, it is your walk.  Don’t expect anybody to carry you on their shoulder. No one is entitled to success, everyone must earn it. If you are surrounded by positive souls, that’s a plus point. But if you are not, still you have to make your way with integrity”

Rameez Khalid has a small immediate family but a large, well-integrated extended family. He is blessed to have such supportive and positive people around himself.

Rameez is a trained singer from NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts). Initially, he was under the mentorship of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and Ustad Nafees Ahmed Khan at NAPA and later, he was fortunate enough to do a show with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He has worked with talented artists like Salman Ahmed (Junoon) and Shahi Hasan. Music has always been his passion. He finds himself lucky that he got to follow his dreams, unlike most people who are pressurized to do something else. However, the music industry is complicated; even for well-established singers and for newcomers, it is like trying to swim in a lotus pond.

Just recently, he completed his music album which is produced by a very well-known Producer, Sarmad Ghafoor. Although he was trained for classical music but his work can be considered under pop category and for his first album, he chose not to limit himself with one style and chose diversification instead. It is not a concept album and each song has a different meaning to it.

He believes that his music is a contribution to the Pakistani culture. His song “Bachpan” has a strong social context, a serious topic that has never been touched upon; at least in local music sense. He plans to focus on more of such issues in his future songs and gift the Pakistanis with good and meaningful music. He believes he is still in the early-stages of his career and he is to go a long way to start making contributions. His song “Bachpan” has contributed to some extent however and he is overwhelmed to get a positive response.

He believes that being a singer/musician can be a bit difficult at times, especially when people inquire about your profession and you tell them that you are a singer, you get stereotyped. But he insists that all there are a lot of opportunities for music in Pakistan and anyone passionate about it should follow his dreams, no matter what.

He finds the issue of stereotyping as old as civilization. Pakistan is always shown as a terrorist nation in foreign media. He wants the people outside to understand that it is linked to terrorism because it is a front-line state in war against terrorism. He says there aren’t a lot of states that have sacrificed so much in terms of life to fight terrorism. Even with all this, there is an unflinching resilience of people of this country. They are going about their lives as usual, they smile, they strive and enjoy. He quotes the famous dialogue from Shahrukh khan, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”. He insists foreigners to visit Pakistan and see how this stereotype is not true.

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Written by Salman Bokhari


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