Is the Pakistan of today, Jinnah’s Pakistan?


Pakistan in itself is a story of strong convictions, firm belief and determination of thousands of people to achieve a homeland of their own. Committed to the idea of a separate country for the Muslims of the Subcontinent, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah dedicated his life for Pakistan to come into being. During his years’ long battle, he had to face stiff opposition and strong resistance from both British and Hindu leaders, but he remained steadfast.

Upon independence the guiding principle of Pakistan “Unity, Faith & Discipline” was laid by our founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Which was then adopted as the national motto. These words are not just mere words but a perfect guideline set by Quaid, it’s our pathway to success.

“The success of our achievements will depend upon our Unity, Faith and Discipline.”-Jinnah

When Quaid talked about unity he asked the people to stand united against the enemies of Pakistan. In 1947 Pakistan appeared on the world map and this miraculous victory was achieved through the unity of the Muslims.  Our unity is our strength, which is attained by mutual trust, faith in one another and respect for each other. Moreover the idea of unity means that all Pakistanis should be united without having any provincial biasness and sect discrimination.

To achieve or even to destroy, we need unity. When united we stood against our enemies as one nation, we were able to defeat them. When we rise up together, there is no falling back. As addressed by Jinnah at the time of Independence;

“We are going through fire: the sunshine has yet to come. But I have no doubt that with Unity, Faith and Discipline we will compare with any nation of the world. Are you prepared to undergo the fire? You must make up your minds now. We must sink individualism and make up our minds to serve the people with honesty and faithfulness. We are passing through a period of fear, danger and menace. We must have unity, faith and discipline.”

When we talk about faith, the idea is to believe in our own self. It is that feeling within your heart, beyond the reach of proof. It dares the soul to go beyond what the eyes can’t see.

It was faith that swayed thousands of Muslims to leave everything behind and move forward with the determination to make the idea of a separate homeland a reality. Pakistan came into existence because we had faith in our leader, conviction and most importantly we had faith in Allah.

While addressing to a student delegation Quaid said, “Have faith in yourself, have faith in your destiny – Pakistan. And have faith in Allah”.

Lastly, the principle of discipline. It is the adherence to a code of conduct. Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself was a man of tremendous self-discipline which assisted his successful legal and political career. If Quaid had fail to gather the Muslims of Indian as a disciplined organization, the outcome might have been very different. No civilized society can progress without discipline, it is necessary on both individual and state level.

“With faith, discipline, unity and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve” – Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

This Independence let’s ask ourselves one question, Is the Pakistan of today, Jinnah’s Pakistan?

Our differences today don’t allow us to stand united. We have forgotten Jinnah’s idea of a peaceful nation. Because of our own actions we have lost faith in humanity and have let hatred overcome the good within us. However, we as a nation are not truly dead yet, our Jazba speaks volume about the love we have for Pakistan. We might have forgotten but we are not lost, the power of this flag is unimaginable and so is the power of Unity Faith & Discipline. Long live Pakistan!

Written By Zahra Abbas | Cover Image by The Express Tribune Blogs


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