One Thing I Pride In the Most as A Pakistani


Regardless of the corruption, pollution and terrorism, Pakistan is still the only place I can call home. A place where I feel safe even with all its flaws and uncontrollable nature. A place where I belong, a place where I am not judged based on my skin color or looked down upon because of my accent. I am accepted here and all my flaws are welcomed here.

This 14th August, I want to pay tribute to the country that has given me everything that I ever wanted. And I take utmost pride in the people of Pakistan and their integration. In times of pain and sorrow, our people are there for each other. Whether it’s an earthquake, or a flood, or any other natural disaster, help from fellow Pakistanis reaches before everything else. And the help is in abundance. We feel the pain of each other and we go an extra mile when it comes to helping our brothers.

Irrespective of our cultural differences, people all over Pakistan are knitted together. In any unfortunate moments of distress and sorrow, the entire country is together. I still remember how all of Pakistan came out on the roads to stand up against terrorism right after the APS Attack. In that moment, I realized, it is way more difficult than it looks to break us down. We are warriors. We are brave Pakistanis who will fall but stand up taller right after shrugging off the dust from our clothes. I am proud of how strong our people are, always shining like a moon even when they have lost so much and are on risk of losing more.

Pakistan Zindabad!

By Salman Bokhari | Image by The News


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