Oliver Fisher – The Explorer Who Follows His Curiosity


1935880_10153861671582718_3757598137115649907_nOliver Fisher, is an Australian who is currently trying to survive his first dark and cold Swedish winter. He loves travelling and is up for an adventure at any chance he gets. Street photography is another passion of his that compliments his love for travelling. Studying languages is another activity that interests him.

Oliver recently graduated majoring in Political Science, International Relations and Economics. At the moment he is pursuing his Master’s in International Development and Management from Lund University, Sweden. After completing his studies he plans to work in the field of electoral processes or conflict resolution.

Curiosity landed him in Pakistan. Watching the narrative of the mainstream media, he wanted to see it for himself if it was true or not. Even before visiting he was optimistic that there would be some positives about the country.

“I’m really glad that I did visit, as it turned out that Pakistan was not at all what the media made it out to be.”

994078_604728976230156_1820837963_nThe first thing that hit Oliver was the natural beauty of Pakistan, especially the Northern areas and he wants to come back and explore them in-depth. Talking about his experience in the country, Oliver shared that it has been very positive to the extent that he is hoping to be back in Pakistan very soon for an internship and field research.

“Like any place you visit, there will be some small negative experiences that you have, but in the case of Pakistan the positives far outweigh the negatives.”


Issues like the load shedding, public transport and other problems that can be witnessed in any other developing country as well exists but these factors are not the only one that define a nation.

The thing that Oliver is most fond of when it comes to Pakistan, is the hospitality of the people. He has quite some travelling experience under his belt and people have been friendly in other places too but in his opinion Pakistanis are the friendliest of them all. One is treated like family in no time and he feels lucky to have made a lot of close friends in a short span of time.

“I am currently learning Spanish and also hope to learn some Urdu when I come back to Pakistan.”

1452510_599209093448811_736927356_nIt was not possible that the local cuisine wouldn’t get his attention too and he feels that all Pakistani food tastes like heaven. Chai, especially the Kashmiri chai is another favorite. When asked what stereotype he would like to break about Pakistan and what he would want to share with non-Pakistanis, Oliver said:

“Pakistan is more than just terrorism and violence. I think most of us are aware of the problems that Pakistan faces, as those are well documented. However it’s important to know and to understand that there is a lot of brightness shining through the darkness. The country remains resilient and positive despite the hardship it has faced.  I think there is a lot of potential in Pakistan, it has a young population and it could really prosper if it manages to sort out some of its political woes.”

We hope that he gets to come back soon and that his message reaches more and more people around the globe get to see through the narrow mainstream narrative.


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