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Today, in conversation with 10 year old Nur Ali, Founder Nur Organic Studio, we explore the implications of being a young girl in the beauty industry. Nur’s story is extraordinary because of the heart-warming inspiration it entails. She explains what it means to her to live life to the fullest and become someone who will impact the future of the world regardless of age.

“Nobody took me seriously six months ago but now they call me to showcase as they have acknowledged my dedication and commitment.”

She parallels her experience to Masterchef Junior in which children are encouraged to excel in a field dominated by adults and expresses her disappointment in the Pakistani attitude towards ambitious youth i.e., “You’re not old enough.”

“When I, as a child, wanted to become an entrepreneur, I was laughed at.”

Her philosophy is to find herself by trying different and new activities that will ultimately lead to personal growth. She also wishes to send a crucial message to parents saying that they should support their children and root themselves in the cause that their child believes in. This was ingrained in her by her own parents who provided both entrepreneurial and emotional support when she needed it most.

She took a moment to appreciate Nadia Aunty’s role in the establishment of her online store through sheop. It was through Nadia Aunty that she was also able to debut her products on a morning show. She also describes the immense joy she feels when she receives feedback from other “aunties” who use her products saying,

“I enjoy the attention they give me and I feel extremely happy when they appreciate the hard work I put into the products.”

Nur manufactures hand crafted and organic skin, hair and spa products, the recipes of which were originally formulated by Barri Nano. After she died, Nur decided that an excellent way to honour her was to deliver her recipes to the world.

Nur Organic Studio makes organic beauty and spa products which are 100% eco-friendly and hand crafted with botanical and homeopathic principles. The objective is to stay as close to the nature as possible while using the beauty products to keep one’s natural beauty preserved.

Nur recently visited United Nations offices in Geneva and got this idea from there to pay tribute the legendary women of Pakistan who are no more. Her products have the pictures of the likes of Empress Nur Jehan, Madam Noor Jehan, Nazia Hassan, Arfa Kareem, Parveen Shakir, Parveen Younas.

Nur believes that the simplest kitchen products and local ingredients can be used to preserve natural beauty. In the fall/winter range, she paid tribute to legendary women in Pakistan and promoted her products in a way that would inspire young ladies through social and print media.

Her work, her motivation and her passion for beauty is nothing short of phenomenal,

“Being a child doesn’t mean I can’t excel in my own little capacity.”

Interview by Hammad Anwar | Written by Manal Mohsin


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