Nadia Sarwar, KPK


Nadia Sarwar, comes from Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The city compared to others is quite under developed, lacking in basic infrastructure. With the support of her immediate family, she is the first girl (even in her extended family) to enroll in Kyber Medical University, Peshawar.

A confident public speaker and someone with a natural talent for conflict resolution, Nadia along with her tough educational schedule is able to multi- task as a social worker and content writer simultaneously. She started working as a content writer as a mean to help her family’s financial needs at a very young age. When she was studying in 6th grade due to her father’s financial situation, she had to either discontinue her education or look for an alternative way and she opted for the lateral. Later on her earnings even helped in the continuation of her siblings’ education.

 Her interest in public speaking stemmed during her school days, where she joined debates, taking part in declamation competitions and developing her skills along the way. Given her desire to give back to the community, especially the women she is trying to help build their confidence as a public speaker, conducting training sessions frequently.

Apart from winning many distinctions for her, Nadia is part of some of the leading platforms of the country including; Minister for Women’s Affairs and Empowerment at National Youth Assembly (NYA). President of Insaf Youth Wing (IYW) Peshawar region, Urdu Literary society head at Khyber Medical University and a trainer and speaker at the Center for Awareness, Training and Development (CATD).


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