MVU Originals – Imran Sarwar


In MVU Originals, today we meet Imran Sarwar, who is a Fulbright Scholar, an Acumen Fellow, and Co founder of social enterprise Rabtt & Daftarkhwan. He aims at building a more Empathetic Pakistan. Rabtt has been working, for the last 6 years, to build a more empathetic society through a mentorship program that has left a deep impact on the lives of mentors, students and in total Rabtt have impacted over 4,000 students, teachers, and professionals since 2011. Listen to his story and achievements as an activist and an entrepreneur.

Story by Hammad Anwar | Shot by Mohsin Jilani | Edited by Amina Haq Photoworks | Audio by Nabeel Asim | Media Courtesy Rabtt


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