By Maham Amjad

B: “Tell me something; deep inside you know you are jealous of the people getting married right?”

H: “Well, of course I am. I am jealous of the idea of marriage. Who doesn’t want to be lucky enough to find their soul mates? Who doesn’t want to find the person they are loved by, the love that would be enough for a lifetime.”


B: “I knew it! Why pretend to run away from it then? Wait, what? Jealous of the idea of marriage? What in the world is that suppose to mean?”

H: “I never pretended to runaway from marriage, I ran away from the people who thought they knew what marriage is. Yes, just like I’m in love with the feeling of falling in love, its the same with marriage. But if you’re asking me if I’m jealous of the people who are getting married then no I’m not.”


B: “So the ultimate single gal knows what marriage means? I mean, where are your divorvces to even know anything about it? haha” “Oh so you eat cake but you don’t eat cake?”


H: “A divorce is not a proof of knowing what marriage is, It’s a proof of not knowing about it.”

“Neither is marriage a proof of love, people get married to things nowadays, some are getting married to the family, some are getting married to the money, some get married to the looks and some get married to the society.”

“I’d like to marry a person, that is the kind of love that would never run out. That is the kind of love that wouldn’t let either of us to go to another person. They are called soulmates for a reason, It’s when you marry each other’s soul. That is marriage.”

Just another Sunday evening and a chat between the brain and the heart.


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