What is it about a situation which makes a person close there eyes on reality? When It’s to good to be true – It’s a lie. Back off!  I have been asked again and again about how can one know if they are being lied to or not. One can never be sure darling, the best way to know if a person lies to you or not is to see how often does the person lie.

We humans are fantasy lovers, we love the feeling of falling in love and forcing it on oursleves just to escape reality. The smartest suggestion I can give to anyone is, as long as your emotions are in control.. It’s all good. The minute you involve your emotions, you are doomed.

People ask me why is that I speak up for women this much, It’s because I see women to be highly emotional and being played upon very easily and very often. It hurts. It hurts to see how the world is going down, how people have no morals and no ethics these days, someone needs break reality to the ones who have shut their eyes and If it can be me, I’d be more than happy to help.

Noone in your life deserves control over you, the minute you hand control over your life to anyone, you’ll be played upon. A person who loves you will never practice control over you. A person who loves you will never show you down and a person who loves you will never hurt you.

We’re living in the 21st century. You can get anything materialistic you can think of available in the market but you cant find the love you desire, there is no market for love. Finding true love these days is like finding a coin in a big dark well, you’ll have to fall in to find it anyways and when you do you might just confuse a rock with a coin cause it’s dark as hell.

By Maham Amjad