Life of a Teacher Associate (TA)


I think It’s enough and I must say it now.

Why is there a disgracing element attached to the word “TA”!

O Yeah, If you don’t know, I am talking about a “Teaching Associate” in our institutes especially when we talk about the students or alumnus of Lahore School.

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Do you guys have any clue how much work a TA does? The amount of work doubles, because he/she has to do his/her work plus the work of his/her boss. And with this tremendous amount of work, when you listen from somebody “O, Tum TA Lag Gai Ho?” in a taunting tone, you feel like killing the other person and then yourself.

In well developed nations, Being a TA to an instructor is considered such a pride that I have seen a PhD instructor telling me, “I was a TA to my supervisor for three (effing) years”.

Why on earth a person working in corporate world and a person once graduated think that a TA does and knows shit. I am very sorry to say but you guys need to work on your thought processes.

I have assisted the toughest instructor at LSE for good 7 years of my life. And the amount of work I have done is what he and I know only. For students and for others out there (even in my family), i was a TA… a TA… just a TA…. But I know, it was an instructor in making.

“Aap Abhi Tak Prof. Fareedy ki TA Hain?”

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I don’t see a shame here even when I can hear the tone of What-A-Low-Class-Job-You-Are-Doing. I feel pride. But sometimes it does hurt that we as a society can not respect a TA? For what reason?

I, Once, heard someone in a gathering of multiple universities’ professors and faculty members saying “TA ka to kaam hay sirf paper out kerna.. We in XYZ University of Lahore (I will not name it) do NOT consider a “TA” as someone getting ready to be an instructor in future”. WHY?

That time is long gone when TAs used to do that. Their jobs are much challenging now. Managing time for families, and work, and Boss.. all of it together is challenging.

Even though i have been in practical teaching since 3 years now (and yeah I was a TA too in these three years), still people (students, family, alumnus) I know attach a stigma to this word, “TA”.

Trust me, work responsibilities of a Student TA and a Graduate TA are totally different…But in the end, what matters the most is “the back of your boss” and nothing else.

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Respect your TAs because they are the real ones who worked for you and on your grade day and night. O yeah, but then even after that you hear “TA ne bura grade dia hay”.

Yes, there are always some rotten eggs due to which good eggs lose their identity but that is how our whole society moves. Bad people exist so that we can identify good people easily.

All I can say is ALAS! RIP Being a “TA”.

Written by Haadiah Yasir


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