Khwaja Iqbal Ahmed, Lahore

“I started my first job with American Insurance Company in 1961 and have been a taxpayer since then. I served Indus Insurance for a while and devoted my career to New Jubilee Insurance for 35 years. The company offered me a platform to build my skills and bring business to them in the era when insurance was pretty new concept, while I worked hard and honestly to retire as the Assistant Vice President of the company. If you betray others, you cannot serve. Life is not about competition, it is about mutual trust and long term healthy relationships. I was born in Calcutta, settled here in Lahore after Partition and my father studied from the University of Calcutta, to work as a tax consultant. Today only about 20% of our salaried population pays their taxes, which is unfair. I saw my father work as a tax collector, and I grew up inspired by him. I have been very honest in declaring my assets, shares, profits and salary. Did it make me uncomfortable? Not at all. I feel content that I was honest with myself and my country. Paying taxes was my way of being expressing honesty and loyalty to this place and I would want our generation to find their own expression of being honest to themselves and a country that nourishes their talent.” – Khwaja Iqbal Ahmed, Lahore



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