Kamal Faridi – The Trendsetter Strategist


12311078_10207757214832942_6348642224608879234_nAn innovator, trendsetter and a progressive thinker by nature, Kamal Faridi initiated a business by the name of 22 Four International, 14 years ago and has now expanded his work globally. Kamal is basically a digital marketing strategist and business consultant by profession.

Kamal’s company aims to provide unique digital strategies for client brands that meet brand goals, retailer objectives and consumer needs. Basically, the company draws out a clear roadmap for their clients that orchestrate all relevant digital channels and tactics, including websites, content marketing, applications, media and blogs, outreach and e-commerce. Besides running his company, Kamal is also engaged as an entrepreneurial training expert and motivational speaker in various ICT capacity enhancement programs.

Kamal has various notable achievements to his name. He managed to make it to the list of 100 top entrepreneurs of Pakistan and also represented Pakistan in more than 100 ICT conferences in 85 different countries of the world. He also became Pakistan’s second most famous Twitter user with about 300,000 followers, and was also featured in TIMES magazine.

12743642_10208376532715502_6125656421829640232_nNobody can become an entrepreneur overnight; there is always a series of struggles to combat embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. Kamal too started from a scratch with the team of few, encountered many professional and personal problems and also suffered as a result of lack of guidance from the commerce industry leaders, leg pulling by other business competitors, absolutely no collaboration interest on the shared goals from the active business associations and above all the laborious attempts of convincing international business tycoons to invest in Pakistan, were some bumpy roads that he encountered. All in all perseverance, intelligence and realistic action plan were his biggest allies in the journey of success.

11208632_10207745006487741_8141243136825318393_n Kamal is proud to have dedicated the most important years of his life, working for his country. Kamal believes that it is all about playing your individual part in your country’s development. The fame you get from your endless struggle can be used to create a social change in the society. But when thousands of people follow you, you also have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, you know that you are an impact creator and that’s where Kamal is trying to make a difference by contributing in different arenas of development, be it related to entrepreneurship, ICT, leadership, women empowerment, social activism, peace and conflict resolution, environment or politics.

12027274_10207562526645859_8141564592599391618_oKamal’s ultimate vision is to revert, restore and revamp IT business back to his homeland by attracting the foreign investors and encouraging them to engage the talented lot in the country through youth business development schemes. At the same time, he is also engaged with the youth as an entrepreneurial trainer and motivational speaker, his motivational interjections to youth are all about preaching them to unlock their imagination, encouraging them to free themselves from the constraints of existing dogmas in the country and most importantly to frame their vision and purpose of life and then working with determination to achieve it.

‘Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.’


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