Jiya Najam, Lahore


“I love the happy days of my life. The days when I feel completely satisfied, without even a tiny portion of unhappiness. The first one was in the summers of 2008, when my matriculation result came out. I scored 90% marks. The glow and happiness on my mother’s face, the cheer in my father’s voice, the pride in my siblings’ eyes made me extremely happy. I felt as my mission in life was accomplished when I realized that my family is happy just because of me. Secondly, I have been writing all my life since I was a school student – it makes me happy and at peace. Another moment of happiness was when I started working for a magazine as a professional writer. My family was so proud of me. I realized that there is nothing more that you can ever want, other than seeing your loved ones happy. Even in the days when I went into depression due to some unfortunate events, I didn’t dwell in misery for long. It was then that I found another source of happiness: surrendering to Allah’s will. He never leaves you alone if you want to save yourself, so I found happiness in my belief in Him and my own individuality. You can always find happiness – if you look for it!” – Jiya Najam, Lahore


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