Janat Sohail Aziz – Aspiring People Through Music


rock-2An extremely supportive family that also possesses an intricate knowledge of art and music, might be a dream family for many people, but Janat Sohail Aziz gets to live that dream. She is especially close to her father, who shares her interests of architecture and photography. Janat is a member of an all-girls Nescafe Basement ensemble. As an individual artist, she purely wants to express her emotions and articulate the whirls of an ordinary life through what she finds most comforting; her ukulele and a few words from the heart.

Expressing herself through varying mediums of art has been of paramount importance to Janat and this incomparable urge connected her to her intense love for music. She personally believes that music isn’t just about hitting the right notes or creating something that will last. It is about stripping yourself of your most valuable emotions and lending them to those listening. It should communicate a story that feels like home.

Performing as a part of Pakistan’s first all-female ensemble, Janat has received incredible amount of support and encouragement from all around the world and especially, by John Newman himself.

‘This has surely uplifted my spirits and continues to give me hope for a progressive future for the women of Pakistan!’

mvu11As an all-girls Nescafe Basement ensemble, Janat and her fellow members are continually aspiring to break through the stereotypes and bring forth equality! The members all belong to diverse backgrounds proving quite simply that music is a universal entity understood by all, irrespective of all boundaries.

‘Our work not only encourages feminist ideologies, but hopes to revive the music industry of Pakistan!’

edited (2)-2It cannot really be denied that the society we live in is drenched in patriarchal violence. It is a society much too fervent on proving its ‘intellect’ by defining an order to things. A manual of social constructs has almost always been dictated to us, instructing quite clearly on how to deal with being a woman; an incurable disease diagnosed at birth, an incurable disease that is somehow the fault of the woman that she has it, an incurable disease that labels her as an inferior being who has to be controlled and confined.

What bothers Janat most is the stereotype that women do not possess equal abilities or intellect as men and that they need to be determinedly administered like puppets, helplessly dependent on the support of the ‘enlightened’ society and their social constructs.

‘Women do not owe their freedom to anyone, but themselves.’

13161962_1283162068379508_6380612710914584587_o-2Janat feels honored to have been a part of an initiative that endlessly strives to break some of the endless stereotypes surrounding females, and encourages gender equality. She, along with a few other artists in National College of Arts, formed the first orchestral group of NCA by the name of Qi. She is also extremely proud of all the Pakistani women who are achieving milestones and rising above all the barriers and hindrances placed by the society.

‘I believe that changing even one individual’s mindset carries an incredibly positive force enough to change this world! With our work, I believe, we’ve stirred a wave that encourages the society to reconsider the role of women.’

2-2Janat agrees with the fact that we live in a country that is struggling, and faces just about a million problems every single day, but she is also a staunch believer of the view that problems should never discourage us from trying to work towards a more progressive and promising future. Whatever the situation, we should always try to stand strong and battle the circumstances that are trying to deter us from achieving our goals and aspirations.

‘I will continually aspire to help more people relate to basic emotions felt by an ordinary man through my art and music.’



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