Accepting the Unacceptable


It has been 3.7 years and I have been through countless days and nights without sleep and without food. Sometimes I’m so busy I forget to eat. Yes, I’m not joking, this actually happens. I have been a mom and a dad and sometimes the whole family when everybody else would shut him out.

He doesn’t talk yet? No, he only talks to nice people. He doesn’t go to school? No, he is too smart to be with average kids. Give him a mobile or a tab, any company, any brand…heck, give him the one with Chinese language and he’ll know how to operate it without anybody showing him anything – he is too smart for your average kid.
Why isn’t he playing with the other kids? What I see is the other kids not playing with him, despite me pushing him in the middle of the ground and him running off with their ball, I see no one trying to play with him. So ask the other kids.

Why does he have his ears covered? He doesn’t like listening to BS people like you throw my way. That’s why.
No, I will not teach him to behave if behaving means locking him up inside the house because the “normal” people can’t understand him.

Yes, I will let him lay there in front of the escalator while every person around me gives me those looks, and some mothers whisper a word here and there about me not being able to control my kid. No, I won’t force him to get up, I will just sit there on the floor with him until whatever it is that is going inside him passes away. No, I will not stop him from spinning the wheels on his toy car just because it makes you uncomfortable or somehow conveys openly that he isn’t normal.

When I see you with your normal kids, whining and sobbing and throwing tantrums, and you being helpless and eventually getting angry and either giving in or making it worse by exploding at them, I thank God I don’t have a “normal” mainstream child. When you whisper those things under your breath when you pass him by, I thank God I don’t have a “normal” kid who will grow up to be a nasty person like you.

I will not change how my child views the world. I will change how the world views my child. I will not stop him from being him just to please your sensibilities. He was not made to be molded into those small boxes of yours. He is pure and free of everything bad this world holds.

Written by Isbah Khalid
#AutismSpeaks #AutismAwareness #2ndApril


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  1. Shameen 21 May, 2017 at 12:36 Reply

    Many many prayers and best wishes for the two of you.May you both continue to be each other’s strength.No wonder God gave paradise under a mother’s feet.

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