iACT – Empowering Youth for a Better Tomorrow


When it comes to Humanitarian causes, Pakistan is no expectation in forwarding kindness and generosity among its population. With phenomenal personalities like Abdul Sattar Edhi, we place ourselves as one of the most energetic nations when it comes to humanitarian causes. Be it Shaukat Khanum  Cancer Hospital or Edhi foundation, the spirit of altruism lies deep among all of us.

Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) is a public-private partnership initiative between Habib University Foundation and local government of Karachi. iACT has taken up the cause of engaging and empowering young people from marginalized areas as its mission and aims at helping youth from areas stricken with poverty, violence, and crime.

Based in Karachi, they bring youth from areas like Lyari, Korangi, Landhi, and Malir, to enhance their abilities and strengthen their relations with community. iACT offers free of cost, as well as scholarship based courses and training to help the youth realize their potential and put their skills to the best of the societal needs today.

iACT is investing financial and human resources in the development and implementation of youth development projects of Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh in seven districts of Sindh.

They equip their students with skill based education in diverse disciplines such as Fashion Designing, Industrial Stitching, Creative Designing, Pattern Making, English Language Courses, Office Administration, Professional Digital Photography, Information Technology, Computerized Accounting, Logistics & Supply Chain Assistant, and Customer Support & Sales to Web Designing, Animation & Production and Application Development.

Along with honing cognitive skills, they also help students develop athletic capabilities and  place them in known companies as interns and full time employees after graduation.

 “We do this because we aim at Inspiring and facilitating youth to nurture their potential for a healthy and productive life” – Wasif Rizvi (CEO Habib University Foundation)

Mr. Wasif is adamant that on forwarding an educational initiative to align the youth from unprivileged areas with mainstream skills and competencies.

Keeping in mind the economic inequality and equal access to growth opportunities, iACT has done the best that they can to engage youth in constructive actions. Such as vocational training and skill based courses, along with focus on personal and career development.

“What could be more thrilling and satisfying then seeing the plant you watered is now fruitful for the whole society?”

One of their best successes is to see how their students have been able to join the automobile industry and have earned a phenomenal role in bringing business to the industry at the same time, playing role as a trainer and educator for improving professional skills in order to attain

“Ignoring the shortcomings of our state, for once we have to stop and think what we are doing as individuals.”

The kind of individuals that iACT works with are often stereotypes that they can’t compete with people from the other parts of the society. When it comes to personal grooming, sense of citizenship, education and skills, only people from the financially strong segment of society are considered the best.

iACT is busy in breaking these stereotypical thoughts and perceptions by not only providing its students from Malir, Korangi, landhi and other areas, but also by holding them responsible citizens through different social action trainings and workshops, grooming them through personal development classes, building their confidence through exposing them to the industries, competitions, sports and other physical activities.



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