I know someone…


By Anum Sultan

There’s someone I know who doesn’t trust people easily because most of them have been dishonest when they actually appeared trustworthy and loyal. I know someone who loves to talk non-stop, yet hides the darkest and deepest secrets inside. Someone who smiles and laughs often and does not let pain come out.

I know someone who considers “I am fine” the best reply to “How are you?”, only because it’s a lot easier to get away with these three words than to actually explain how you are.

I know someone who fits the definition of an “Extrovert” yet finds it difficult to get cozy with everyone around. Despite being friendly, bold and blunt, someone feels reluctant to open up to people, only because few have revealed their judgmental side every now and then. There is a constant fear of losing loved ones that follows like a shadow everywhere.

Most people around are genuinely nice, but some have as many faces as the colors in a rainbow and it’s difficult to identify which is which.

I know someone who loves to hang out only to cure the loneliness that builds inside and the thoughts that come haunting thereafter. Someone who is very strong and ferocious on the outside, but feeble and delicate inside.

I know someone who is determined and focused about career, success, fortune and wealth most of the times, and then all laid-back and uninterested at other times. Money becomes a priority one moment; family and relationships the very next moment. Dreams of a lavish luxurious life awaken one second; laziness and sleep overpower the very next second.

I know a person who wants to trust and be trusted, love and be loved, care and be cared for, praise and be praised. Someone who does not enjoy being happy alone and shares happiness with others. Someone who knows it’s foolish to expect goodness from people, yet relies on them; ends up being disappointed, sentimental, emotional – not once but over and over again.

As the rays of gleaming sun shine across my face and reflect on the sparkling white frame, it doesn’t take me a microsecond to realize that the person I know so close is none other than myself.

Surrounded by so many people, feeling a dozen of emotions at the same time, juggling between work, family, friends, relationships, wishing to have everything at once, then wishing to leave everything behind – this someone is ME; this someone is YOU! The circumstances and time differ for each one of us but at some point, some place in our lives, we all become this someone yet life doesn’t stop for any of us. In spite of all the ups and downs, it goes on and that is precisely the whole beauty of it.

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