How to tell you…


Written & Illustration by Sadiyah Riaz

Words fall short
How to tell you…
what you did to me
What trick you played to me
I keep wondering day night
How powerful you are
How I let you know
that I am all soaked
in your love.
Isn’t it such a small word?
I don’t know any other way
to let you know that…
you have owned my whole existence.
You made me forget all my aches
All the bruises that my soul ever had
healed when you touched them.
How to tell you…
I can’t imagine this universe without you
You reside in me
Your gaze makes me float in space
Your warmth melts the whole of me
Tell me what to name it?
Ecstasy? Madness? Euphoria? Love?
I don’t know what it is,
but it is!!
And it is for eternity.
Have become yours for infinity.

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