His Name Is Khan!


I have never been a huge fan of any actor, despite being a crazy movie lover and a regular cine-goer. I watch movies, fall in love with songs, remember dialogues for years, re-enact them from time to time in my circle and that’s about it. I have never craved watching a particular movie or loved a specific song because of so and so actor. However, there’s one particular person who I admire at all times and this admiration is not merely attributed to his acting but a plethora of things that I see when I see him.

I don’t just see him as a hero rescuing his girl from the villains, a lover dancing on romantic tunes or a psycho stammering K-k-kkkiran. I see him as someone who has struggled all these years to be where he is.

His life inspires me. His journey from rags to riches motivates me. I love to read about his childhood and early life more than watching his movies. When I see him, I know I am looking at someone who did not get fame and fortune on a platter, nor did achieve success overnight. He struggled for it, he fought against all odds, he slept on roads, he walked small steps and failed several times, yet never stopped at one point. Nobody knew that an amateur and not-so-handsome “Fauji” in a television play will blossom into a multi-talented, oh-so-handsome movie star one day.

There are people who are crazy about him, love him like anything and wait hours outside his home just to catch his slight glimpse. And then there are also people who don’t like him at all, who criticize him all the too often and label him as an over-actor; I know quite a few personally. As for myself, I am yet to decide which lot I belong to.

I don’t describe myself as his fan; I don’t love him, and I certainly don’t hate him as well. I like his acting at times and I don’t like it at other times, but there’s one thing that remains constant and that is the respect and liking I have for him as an ordinary man.

Whether he acts or over-acts or doesn’t act all, I know he has built himself upon his dreams, he has earned this stature, he has been through the worst to get the best.

By Anum Sultan

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  1. Sana Aamir 2 October, 2016 at 18:11 Reply

    A beautiful read. I admire him for the very same reasons, his journey has been nothing but a series of struggles. As he had once said, I do not know his exact words, but what he meant to say was as a young actor he faced critics saying, you are nothing in front of the well established actors in the fraternity like, Amitabh Bachan. Later in his life he was told he did not stand a chance in front of the up coming talent, like Hrithik Roshan. Still he kept his head down and worked to achieve the not so possible.

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