Hira Idrees, Lahore


Due to some unknown causes I was partially paralyzed for 3 years of my life. For hours, my limbs used to be dead for me. Many times, anxiety attacks took me towards the ICU and living with the help of a ventilator. Anywhere, anytime all of a sudden my limbs used to be my become enemy. That feeling of dependency was the worst feeling in life. My disease took me into depression and the symptoms became more serious. Allah Almighty blessed me with health. During that phase of life I realized how it feels to depend on others. I choose to be a Physiotherapist. I found that physiotherapy begins where medicine end.

I came to know about a disease which does not have a cure so far, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS, sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscles.

The number of patients in Pakistan is increasing day by day. ALS is genetically transferred too. I researched on ALS victims and came to know not a single organization is working for the welfare of ALS patients in Pakistan. I can imagine how it feels when your voluntary muscles say goodbye to you. How it feels when you can’t breathe. How people react towards you when you are in depression.

I was surprised, there are thousands of organizations working internationally for ALS. ALS SYMPOSIUM have list of countries, except Pakistan. ALS patients are humans too, why do we leave them to die? Just because they don’t have a cure so far? Even the most deadly disease, cancer, has a cure to some extent. Stem cell therapy, is a kind of treatment but is expensive, and according to my research does not have required success rate.

I am the founder of the Human Welfare Society and am trying to raise voices for them. I am trying to ensure them that they are not one a death row. Who are we to snatch their hopes away from? Who are we to declare them that they are already dead?.

I organized an International educational workshop on ALS and managed to gather international speakers and researchers on one platform. All disciplines of medical profession, information technology, & engineering joined us so we can look out for the ways that how we can facilitate them.And that event was internationally acknowledged and it was great to hear that a delegation groom world’s biggest organization of ALS want to visit Pakistan and meet me to share resources.Whoever is reading this i invite you all to be a part of this noble cause and lets save lives. InshaAllah we will establish a rehabilitation center to give them a pain free breath!.

I am no one, but a citizen of Pakistan.

By Hira Idrees, Medico and founder of Human Welfare Society


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