Greetings from Naya Pakistan


Greetings from Naya Pakistan! So let’s see what this new dawn has brought for us. Are we a changed nation? Do we have a new mindset? Do we feel honest, collected, progressive, liberal, convivial, resilient, and independent? How many of us did not toss a water bottle out of our car today? How many of us decided to pay our taxes regularly from now onward? How many of us have vouched to do our jobs in the most honest manner since we will not be able to dishonest in our Naya Pakistan. How Many of us have decided to give wings to our daughters to chase her dreams, to fly as high as she wants to, to touch the new skies without this fear to be pulled down by her hounarable father and brother? How many of us have allowed our wives to breathe and pursue her career aspirations without worrying about the house all the time. Give her this confidence that she is capable o manage and balance both in a most
effective manner.

Unfortunately a new ruling party won`t be able to make a new country for us. Yes most of us are happy for this new change but our responsibly as a nation is not new. Nothing can change if we don`t change. In short, let`s leave our insecurities behind, let’s be fair and not deceptive, let`s support each other and not divide in the name of caste, creed or social status. Let`s try to speak up and stand up for the right things and not for what’s in fashion. Let’s try to not fooled by sales and discounts and let’s not spend our hard earned money on branded suits only to show off when nobody really cares. Let’s try to support education of a poor child instead of hiring him/her as domestic help. Let’s clear up the litter from our homes, streets and above all within ourselves instead of making a mess almost of everything. Let’s leave behind misogyny and male chauvinism and bring forward equal opportunities of respect, right to speak and to be heard regardless of gender and masculinity. Let’s take pride in what we are, with all the
strengths and the weaknesses with this resolve that weaknesses are temporary and we have enough
pliability to overcome real soon.

Situations change, losers become winners, resentments become resolutions, dreams become reality,
suppressed become superiors, underdogs become champions, poor become rich and vice versa. Change
is permanent and irresistible, but overnight change is not possible in most cases. Nations succeed,
manage to come out of slumber, they manage to change the course of history but it’s never a one man
show. Things change when nations stand together as a binding force and not divided, they work as one
and not many, their path is one without any crossroads, and their destination is singular with one sign
board to be followed.

Each one of us regardless of what we are, possess a power, an individual light, a voice, strength and
muscle to CHANGE for the good and for the better. Leaders are not good or bad, we make them what
they are. We keep looking at them to do something for us whereas the clout lies within. Being true to
ourselves is what can become a driving force; a common man’s vivacious vigor has the potential to reach
the parliament and the senate where politicians decide our fate without our consent. We need to stop
letting them work alone and have to become their drive and their ambition. A good leader and his
selected team alone will not able to perform miracles to take us ahead as a nation. Let’s try to make a
positive change in whatever big or small capacity we have.

We are all powerful, we are all naya Pakistan.

By Samara Salahuddin


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