Fizza Rizwan, Canada


“I work as a human resource generalist in a power solutions company and also as a youth leader for a non-profit organization . I view everything in life as an opportunity and I believe that a positive outlook is the most important ingredient for a successful and happy life. After every single hardship or trial, a person appears out of the ashes, stronger than ever before. Every single action on our part makes a difference and I particularly enjoy what I do because it makes me feel as if I have done my part in making a positive difference in somebody’s life. We should never give up! No setback in life should be big enough to stop us from achieving our goals. The biggest mistake a person can do is to get caught up in society’s version of ‘life’. Our life belongs to us, and life deserves that we should make the most of it and live it to the fullest. We are very lucky that God has given us so much, and we should make the utmost effort to share some of our happiness with the less unfortunate people in this world.” – Fizza Rizwan (Canada)


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