Finding the Reason


By Maham Amjad

Where is this world going?

As time passes and we keep living our lives we just want more and more out of it. I think of us humans as little hungry babies who dont know what they want, they just keep crying for feed.

Did we come to this world for being the thankless creatures that we are? From what I used to hear from my elders was that, Everyone comes to this world to achieve something, everyone has a part to play and when its done, its time for us to go.

What is our part? And If that’s true, wouldn’t we want it to be great?

People say they want to be remembered when they are no-more, that they want to be so famous that people should know that they once existed.

If you play your role that you came into this world for, right. You’ll be remembered. You just have to find your role.

‘Everything happens for a reason’, is a very famous saying. Did we ever try to implement that to ourselves? We happend for a reason, find that reason.

I asked my friend, joking. ‘What have you come into this world for?’. He replied very seriously, ‘To save lives.’ He is a doctor.

It then hit me, some know what they came for and the others don’t know if that’s true or not.

Does your life have a reason?