Finding Honor!


By Samra Awais

I am proud to be part of this great and honorable society where one’s honor and respect is upheld not by one’s deeds, intentions and actions but by the mark who calls who first, how much money was in the envelope, and the likes. It is not something hard-earned by being a kind, generous or a beautiful human being.

Be careful in even saying that word out loud, it has a very profound and prolific standing in the society. Human sentiments, wishes and even lives are of little value in front of this demi god, honour. So many sacrifices have been made, so many lives lost, so much hurt given and received to satiate the demands of this timeless monster of a god that these people worship.

It is a great feeling of wonder to realize the passion and zeal met out in upholding all the social graces and decorum. Infinite times one falls face down on the ground, unable to handle the weight of that pride sitting on the tip of the noses that are in the air, diminished of all of one’s sensibilities sucked out of one by these parasite like norms.

It amazes one to see such pride aroused by these self annihilating practices.

Personal happiness is a path chosen rarely and only who dare to be ostracized, spat at and called the fool. Happiness is a tabboo and whoever follows that butterfly is a traitor, a miscreant and the black sheep that needs to be cut off immediately or it will pollute the entire pool.

Emotions need to be tread and squashed upon otherwise you’re the sentimental fool. Wise are the ones who ensure how to kill these beastly instincts that took birth with us and reside within our systems, useless and to be surgically removed like appendicitis and tonsils with the disinfectants called norms and traditions.

Such is the beauty of honour of this honourable society.