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Farrukh KamranIt’s rare to find people who are actually content with their lives these days but Farrukh Kamran is one of those individuals who love their lives no matter how tough their past was or how many hardships they have had to encounter. He believes that all that he faced in his past molded him in the shape of a person he is now; one who has achieved self actualization, one who is happily married and thankful to Allah for all the blessings He has blessed him with.

Farrukh KamranFarrukh is a Mechanical Engineer who after working with two well renowned companies in Pakistan and one in Oman, realized jobs are not meant for him. He wasn’t satisfied with the organizational culture, environment and the treatment of employees, hence could not adapt to them. After that realization dawned upon him, he started his own company named as ‘The Mak3rs”. The company’s name reflects Farrukh’s love for making and building stuff. The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Ltd. is about designing and creating products, with main focus on 3D CAD (Computer Aided Designing) and 3D Printing, which is no less than magic. Turning any design into a real life object in just a matter of seconds is something surreal.

Farrukh’s passion for designing and printing didn’t just happen all of a sudden; it started transpiring since he was a child.

“There is nothing like the feeling you get when you make something yourself”

Apart from the feeling of love he holds for his work, he also believes that what he does is entirely new and unique; no one else is doing this in Pakistan which gives him the feeling of utmost pride and determination to achieve more and contribute towards the betterment of the country.

“We are the backbone of innovation and invention in Pakistan”

img_1660He believes he has contributed a great deal as an Engineer. He has opened a way to create and invent new things, bridged the gap for someone who had an idea but couldn’t bring it to life. He has made the entire process easier, approachable and cost effective.

Farrukh’s perseverance and determination to achieving his goal has made his the successful engineer he is today. He never gave up, faced the troubles but kept moving. Each time he fell down, he dusted himself off and moved on until today, when he’s earning more than his fellow engineers. Money was always secondary for him. Doing what he loved was primary and money just started pouring in.

Farrukh believes engineers are in worst conditions when it comes to jobs yet parents are pushing their children to become engineers. He considers him as someone who stood up against all of it and made opportunities for others. He wants more people to do the same because he knows Pakistan is full of potential and talent, but we are not just able to utilize them to the fullest.

img_1662People abroad hold a lot of stereotypes against Pakistan. During his time in Oman, Farrukh was hated by his managers because they believe Pakistani Engineers are the worst. Indians have held most of the managing posts there. His seniors considered him inefficient but he outshone them and grew the sales by 50% in just twelve months.

“The more you suffer pain (not just physical) in your life, and somehow you manage to bear it. You find yourself in a realm of people with extraordinary abilities. Your conception changes, your perspective is broadened. Just keep looking for answers!”

Shared by Farrukh Kamran | Written by Salman Bokhari


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