Logically Defending Emotions and Dreams


“The world does need a couple of emotional people like me. Let me be like this to balance the over flooded logic and philosophy”.

I think I sound convincing giving this response to friends and family when they call me emotional, silly, and even a dreamer. Their agreement to my argument is quite self-assuring, however, I am not sure why do they come back to it after a while each time….

Yes, I am emotional – perhaps far more emotional than many of my counterparts. My mother claims that in my childhood I was the best fighter among the five siblings. I was not just thin and short but also am bad at logical discussions, so physical and mental abilities had less to do in my victories. I can’t exactly recall what I was doing in those childhood fights but it must be some emotionally knotted up drama. My mother thinks that I am still a good fighter. Maybe, yes. And my sentiments are my arms and armor. To better understand this, picture someone with fierce eyes listing down all the blunders of the other, while the other winking her goo-goo eyes says, “But I love you”. Yes, yes, that is Me!

So yes, I do use my sentiments to fight, even with destiny. To fight with the fate, I never leave a chance to laugh. This helps me bounce back whenever I face a low in life. I never leave a chance to cry either. I think we always need to shed the excessive emotions. Sorrow and loss are so powerful that they overshadow every aspect of life. So, admitting sadness and finding ways to overcome is the way forward, at least to me.

I also admit that I can become silly – but in a good sense. I tend to trust people quite easily. I trust them when they claim to be good. And I am patient when they try to be otherwise. I believe that every wrong-doing comes back to a full circle. Therefore, a cool treatment for wicked people is to let them live with their perceptions and practices.

I do not believe in judging others. Who am I to judge? I know I am as imperfect as others. If I criticize someone for their flaws, I must be ready for the same treatment. Moreover, I always wonder that why should I judge? Judging strangers means draining our energy as they come and go. Judging relatives can’t help either; as the kinship ties actually cannot be broken. And friends – NO! That is a big no. I never judge friends. Once a buddy is forever a buddy. And while you stay so impressed, I must admit that one or two attempts of deviation literally fell flat on the ground. Those are a story to be told some other time.

And I must confess that people do take advantage of trust. They try to manipulate and play games. I am a student of psychology so do catch with them eventually. After this identification, I sit calmly and watch how they play their game. They end up gaining what they want, and losing what they cannot imagine. What loss can be greater than an honest and loyal companion and what gain can be lesser than a couple of bucks? I do feel that each of those mistrusts make me wiser; and that is my gain.

And finally, yes, I am a dreamer. I dream and I aspire. My strife is not based on what I am, but what I can be. This attitude ends up in overestimation sometimes. However, this overestimation is a source of strength. I believe that while knowing our inabilities, the faith in the potential keeps us going. A friend of mine trusts me enough to share his plans. All those plans have one thing in common – fear. The panic that things will not work out, the fright that people will disappoint, and the horror that luck will deceive make this man stand still. If dreams are a vehicle, courage is the fuel. Claiming myself superior to this timid friend, let me stay inferior to Don Quixote. This character by Cervantes wins the castle with a single sword in his daydreams. He fails in his pursuits but makes the book one of the best novels in the world. Being poorer to him, I cannot promise that sublimity but offer to the world a glimpse of courage in my smile.

Why am I telling you all this? Am I a narcissist? Is it a confession statement? Am I justifying my mistakes? No. It is coming from the realization that each of us has their own share in the cake of hardships. We all face challenges and we all struggle to overcome those. And, for me what matters in that struggle is the character. Opportunities come and go, people enter and exit in life, what stay with us are the characteristics we prefer to retain. And yes, I survive while retaining these overloaded emotions, silliness, and dreams. So I go on!

By Isbah Ali Farzan


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