Dream Transcension


Let me transcend into another dimension. I want to sink in inside the dimension where there is another dimension. Let me launch myself into a pitfall where there is no gravity. Nothing can pull me down. I can flow freely, without any fear of anything holding me back. I myself am a mixture of dimensions. Can it not be that I am multi-dimensional as of right now? That when I fall asleep, I am in limbo? I do not know where I exist during my sleep. Rest assured I feel I am fast asleep. But where am I really?

Does my brain lead me into another dimension? Or do the souls of all human beings transcend into dreamscape. For I never know where I started my dream, where the inception of it was. Perhaps, I am living in both worlds. I can dream lucidly when my soul is in the subconscious, and I can live my character in the conscious.

Why do human beings want to run away from the reality? Why does saying the real truth become so difficult?

Is the other dimension so attractive? Maybe.

Maybe the subconscious is so alluring that human beings feel they can sleep and lose themselves to refresh themselves.

Is the subconscious stronger than the human being’s conscious? It can wow one’s brain. That rhythm of the constant knock-knock on your brain, that little voice had that much influence. It can modify your thinking.

Entering into people’s dreams can change their lives.

Let me transcend into another dimension. Let me change their lives. Let me sink within. Let me live, let me float in the beauty of anti-gravity that prevails inside a vacuum. For in this gravitational pull of culture and society, my soul is afraid to be real. My subconscious is not at ease with the truth in this dimension. Maybe, in the space that lies within I can have something every human wants.

I can be free.

Ah, the white lie that human beings in this gravitational dimension believe that they are free.

They are merely puppets on a stage where they dream they can change the world. Those dreams are changed in the subconscious. They are Shakespeare’s characters, and are playing the roles of the child, the son, the husband, the father, the brother and the caregiver. The subconscious can modify the brain. The subconscious can trap thy brain, engulf it and let you sink.

It is your conscious that can keep thyself afloat. So you must float, or choose to float within.

By Wasif Arshad 


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