Determined Women of Pakistan


On This International Women’s day, My Voice Unheard brings to you incredible journey’s of strong-willed Women who have not only inspired us, but have played a pivotal role in the community they live in. “Determined Women of Pakistan 2016” is a compilation of the life stories of women, their struggle and achievement. Here is to the diversity, acknowledgment and recognition of the 51%.

Special Thanks to Zoya Ishaq and the team at SHE for introducing us to these amazing women. Click on the poster to read their complete profile!

1Nadia 2Amina
4Fatima-Bhutto 3Ammara
Abeer-Final Afrah
Aisha Amna-Shahid
Amna-Shahid-Hamza Anam-Bhatti
Dr-G Faiza
Feeha Kanza-Final
Laila Mahira
Mahrukh-Beg Nauveen
Saadia Saba-FInal
Saniya Sharmeen
Shazia Shehzil
Tahira Tanzila
Yasemeen Zar
Ayesha-Iqbal Samina
Sadia-Salman Fariha



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