Call of Azan – an anti-terrorist stance?


By: Samra Awais

Now that Eid celebrations are over and all of us are getting ready to plunge back into the normal ordinary routine life, I’d like to bring attention to something wrong that has dampened the Ramzan fervor this year. Living across a mosque ever since I opened my eyes in this world, my ears have been attuned to the loud and clear sound of the Azaan five times a day and the immediate hassle of getting a dupatta on the head as a response.

However, this year according to a new government policy, the volumes of the loudspeakers have been lowered in response to the widespread belief of militants being bred in mosques and madrassas. Numerous times the siren, rung out to signal the close of sehri and the opening of the aftar, became completely unheard because they were almost soundless; and this I say while being located immediately across the mosque.

Friday prayers tend to see jam-packed mosques where people at times have to pray outside the mosques due to lack of space inside. These people have also highlighted how because of the low volume they were unable to decipher and follow the Imam, ruining the entire essence of their prayer.
Juma-tul-Wida, the last Friday of Ramzan, came bringing along with it the saddening feeling of the close of Ramzan. Every year, I used to delve into the essence of the naat, Alvida Mah-e-Ramzan Alvida, recited on the loudspeaker after the prayers along with the durood and salam to the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). The heart would cry, the eyes would weep at the parting of this blessed month with its holy days and nights, this month that would bring us baby steps closer to our religion, to being patient, selfless and good. But as I stood this year and waited, I heard neither the durood nor the naat.

The Eid moon was sighted and the Chand Raat celebrations began, there was laughter, the clinking of bangles and the fragrance of mehndi all around. But the heart ached at missing out something that was important, something that completed the spirit of Ramzan, a closure and the bidding of a farewell. The heart cried that a wrong had been done.

I might not be a highly-qualified-somebody-important or an intellectual but my tiny mind questions how lowering of the call of prayer is an anti-terrorist stance. To my tiny mind it seems more like an anti-Islamist stance of a secular mind. If you find me in the wrong please explain.
To conclude, I leave you with the paraphrase of a saying of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) that whoever listens and responds to every word of the azaan would be able to recite the Kalma-e-Shahadaat at the time of death. Dear reader, this is the importance of the Azaan in our lives.