Bushra Bilal – The Gifted Musician


1969250_10153898232535137_1303207533_nBorn in Saudi Arabia, Bushra Bilal is extremely proud of the fact that she belongs to an educated and cultured family. Bushra is the granddaughter of prominent and renowned scholar, the late Muhammad Ibne Khalil Arab. Bushra was brought up in a family environment where everyone realized the worth of good education, the significance of family values and culture. Her grandmother was a well know scholar and professor of Arabic department Karachi University. That is perhaps one reason why from her child hood, she was always keen to be outstanding and exceptional in all areas of her life. She did her Masters in International Relations from Karachi University. Later on, she developed interest in business and economics. Bushra felt that she could be good at business management so she decided to go ahead with it, and did her second Masters in Economics from Karachi University. During the past couple of years, she has been studying the Islamic history and is fascinated by our history, culture and values.

Bushra is multi talented, and works as a teacher, singer, composer, writer and musician, all which together make one very unique combo!

‘Honestly speaking, it is the blessing of Allah and love and admiration of the viewers that is always vital for me and that inspires me to continue interminable endeavors for excellence in singing.’

10991340_10155214941030137_3232811676293961958_nShe has been teaching for last six years and is currently associated with Beaconhouse School System as a music teacher. She always strives for better communication and a supportive relationship between teacher and students which has significant, positive and long-lasting implications for both students’ academic and social development.

She has organized number of musical events at the school. She plays the keyboard, composes new tunes and songs and gives training to students for both English and Urdu songs.

`Passion for singing is in my blood. Since my childhood I had thirst for music. I recall that I use to have my keyboard and play it whenever I have the time. While children of my age group love to play with dolls and toys, I use to take my keyboard and play it away from others. I never got any formal training in music or singing.`

11295594_429405917220685_1117157869075538420_nShe achieved 1st position at PTV live singing competition program “SAREGA” in 2004 and best performance singing award at PTV in year 2005. Over the past years she has performed on almost all major TV channels including PTV , ARY , TV One ,SAMAA ,GEO and HUM TV.  She has numerous jingles and songs including OSTs for drama series  MOL (Hum Tv) , Mera Yahan Koi Nahi (Geo TV )  Tumhari Natasha (Hum TV ),  Apki Kaneez (Geo Tv), Bayqasoor (ARY).

Being a woman and coming from an educated family, Bushra had to pass several barriers to continue with her passion of singing. There were occasions when she faced a lot of negative comments, even from people in her close circle. However, for Bushra, it is not the profession that is good or bad, but the intention of the person belonging to a certain profession. She believes that there are rotten apples everywhere, but then there are also the fresh, juicy ones.10258331_10154691447385137_4409063970562644843_o

She wishes for women to be treated equally in our society and encouraged to continue their higher education, she believes the women should have the liberty to pursue their careers. Marriages should not be simply imposed on them and they should feel comfortable and respectable to appear on electronic media as an artist or singer.

‘You should always stand firm and never give up. The difficulties that you may face make you stronger, and more confident. Resolve to keep happy and continue to move forward with grace and dignity. In the beginning of the journey you may be alone, but soon many will follow you.’


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