Be The Voice! My Voice Unheard is an online initiative which not only focuses on changing negative Pakistani perceptions but also promotes the psychological benefits of self-expression. The idea rests upon a fundamental south Asian, culturally acceptable behavior of in-expressiveness which is considered akin to psychological strength. On the contrary, research in psychology lays emphasis on expressing one’s self, fundamental to a healthy mind. Hence, we promote the voices of the many. Be it in the form of writing, audio, visual, illustrations or videos. We encourage all sorts of self-expression. However, all posts are made public upon the review of the core team.

 Guidelines and ideas for your voices  under each category are mentioned below.


  • Each video can vary from 30s to 120s
  • Videos could consist of individual messages or message as a group, whatever you want to convey
  • Short films (10-15 mins or less) and informative documentaries
  • Documentaries related to your work, life and experiences


  • Personal biography of your life and work (100-250 words)
  • A biography of somebody else who you want to highlight
  • A quotation of your own
  • A poem
  • Piece of a journal writing
  • Your views, thoughts to current issues that your country may be facing
  • Blog writings


  • Photos of your own self, conveying a message you want the audience to know about.
  • Photos of friends, people you may know, your inspiration, just anything that you want to share which represents our themes and could be posted on the page
  • Pieces of art, drawings, paintings, cards, comics and illustrations conveying a meaningful message to the audeince.


  • Could include personal messages, group messages, no longer than 120s.

Any other ideas are welcome, just drop us an email on or write to us at

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