Awareness for the next generation, ‘Paasban’ –The Guardian



CFx Comics visited 15 colleges of Bahawalpur, Multan and Muzaffargarh from April 25th to 23rd May 2016 to distribute printed copies of its critically acclaimed ‘Paasban – the Guardian’ comic book series. Over 24,000 issues were distributed across 4,000 students. Also, all issues of ‘Paasban’ were made available online on CFx website in a downloadable format (Android & iOS).

The series is a story of friendship, resilience of the human spirit and redemption centered on the lives of a group of college students. As one friend’s search for a worthy cause to devote his life to, lands him with wrong people, the rest put their lives in danger to try and bring him back from the brink. Young people connect with the series, and can relate to the challenges and tough choices faced by the characters. The overall message is that, we as a nation, must resist extremism and radical views in our daily lives.

CFx Comics launched the ‘Paasban’ series in June 2015 as a means to provide a counter narrative to the extremist ideology which influences the youth who are at a stage when they are trying to find their calling. The series has received worldwide acclaim from over 200 media outlets in 40 countries. Over 10,000 students have been provided free printed copies, and thousands more have read the series on the free CFx Comics app. The events and distribution in this phase were carried out in partnership with local partners.

The comic book creators hope to spread their message of peace and non-violence to millions of youth, and plan to take the series to the big screen in 2017.





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