Arslan Asif – Creating sounds through innovation


Arslan Asif, a vocalist, song-writer, composer &  iPhone producer, belongs to a well integrated family. He decided to pursue career as a musician because it gives him satisfaction. Even though he knows that musicians in Pakistan are having a tough time to make a worth of their work and are kept in the lower categories in the society but his sincerity and dedication is what keeps him moving. One thing he is struggling with is the worth and value of his work.

Arslan, in collaboration with Boxtix motion pictures, first managed to shoot the music video of his debut song ‘Chu Loon Mein Aasman’, using iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel Camera and an improvised camera stabilizer that allowed them to shoot smooth, great-looking scenes on the go.

Their outstanding achievement is that the music video is 80% shot on the Chroma technology with eye catching effects in it. It took 6 months in production as it’s difficult to handle and requires a lot of zeal and efforts to pull it off.

They have shown the world that a good idea and a beautiful thought shouldn’t be let gone of because of any limitation. He wants to send out a message to all those new artists who think that they need a lot of lights, cameras and other shooting essentials to bring up their video song, that it’s the idea that matters and all other things are secondary. He released a video song for which he worked day and night only to understand the right use of his ‘iPhone’ for his video.

This is marked as Pakistan’s first video shoot with an iPhone. 

The concept is to show the world that one can shoot a music video, drama or even a film to entertain people with in the available resources if there’s struggle in the right direction. He uses his iPhone for his music recording and production due to its easy interface and user friendly apps especially music related.

The most used app by Arslan on his smart phone is the ‘Guitar Tuner’. There’s no need to carry an extra tuner with you anymore, just install the free app and covert your smart phone into a guitar tuner. He records with an app called ‘Voice Recorder’ as it is convenient and can be accessed anywhere and at any time. ‘Garage Band’ is his favourite app in terms of music production as it features 8 layers digital as well as live instrument recording options.

He has recorded four of his songs till date using this mobile version app that includes Yeh Kya Hua, Dil Ka Jahan, Baabay (The Old Man) & Josh-e-Lahu. Yeh Dil Kya Hua is totally produced by an iPhone. He also used a paid application called ‘Voice Band’ and he has recorded ‘Dil Ka Jahan’ & ‘Josh-e-Lahu’ vocals through it in just one go.

He believes he hasn’t done enough for Pakistan but as a new music artist, he has always put Pakistan in the first place. He released songs to bring out the motivation and spark in the youth, especially during Cricket season and National days.

His iPhone production skills are recognized by an International magazine and also by few local tech magazines which is a moment of pride for Pakistan. His songs contain embedded social messages so the melody can entertain and enlighten people at the same time. His song ‘Baabay’ exhibits the behaviour of aged men in Pakistan with working women. Instead of giving them an environment free of gender discrimination, their perversity nature serves to bring them down.


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