Anthony J Permal, UAE


“A beautiful thing happened to me on this first Iftar of the month of #Ramadhan in #Dubai. I was on my way to church, a few minutes before Iftar. I had booked a Careem UAE to take me. As we were on the way, the Adhan sounded which meant the driver needed to break his fast. I forgot. He had been listening to the radio to hear when the call to prayer comes on so he’d know to break the fast. When itdid, he turned off the radio to avoid inconveniencing me! Then took a date and juice, offered to me first, knowing I’m Christian but because I was a guest in his car I was so touched. I told him to please go ahead and stop the car and break his fast and to turn up the Adhan on the radio. He said no sir “Your journey is important. You are an ‘Ahl e Kitaab’ it’s my duty to take you to your church so that you can pray too.” As we were at the signal, he saw another person in their car and it looked like they were worried. He asked if they’d broken their fast. They said no. He got out of the car and offered him dates and a juice box. This is what I love about Ramadhan. All are equal at Iftar. These are the stories of peaceful, everyday Muslims trying their best to be good humans that the West never seems to want to hear about.” – Anthony J Permal (UAE)


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