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Many of us are aware, that one needs to discover his or her true passion. To succeed in life, it is necessary to pursue your passion as your career. No one is going to do it for you, however, you have to do it for yourself. Moreover, this task may seem to be quite daunting initially, when one has to pursue these dreams practically. There are plenty of motivational and inspirational articles, videos, and lectures on this topic which may aid many individuals in this journey of enlightenment. I decided to write down all the factors which immensely helped me in figuring out my desirable career path. It might be time consuming initially, but believe me, once you have decided to remain consistent with the aim of discovering your life’s goal, the results will amaze you greatly!

You have to remain patient in this regard, and increase your grit, for all great things take time.

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The first and the most crucial factor to consider is self awareness. In order to discover your true passion in life, you have to become self aware, for which spending significant time in solitude is necessary. Sit somewhere quiet, and ponder over yourself and your life. Consider communicating with yourself, and believe that it will work in the end. Have faith in yourself. Take a pen and a paper, consider answering these three simple questions on it:

What are your priorities.

What do you want from your life?

Do you want to lead or follow?

Afterwards, you have to take a moment, and think about what true passion means to you, and how would you describe it. You have to define true passion in your words, and according to your ideas. Sit with like-minded people, and have a constructive discussion on this subject, share your ideas with them, and see how they can help you figure this out. If you don’t have anyone to talk about it, don’t worry, communicate with your soul, and see what a wonderful world of ideas and creativity is within YOU.

You may have intentionally or not, discovered your passion and your desirable career path. Yes, you heard it, right! You have to make sure that you go for the subject in your academics that interests you immensely.

Your true passion lies within you. You are born with it. You don’t need to search for it. It will find you. You have already adopted it as your hobby. You love to spend your time learning about that particular subject no matter what it is. Sometimes, it is quite hectic to carry it all along with your other activities, but you are always willing to do it. Your passion fascinates you always.

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You have to understand this and keep reminding yourself about it, that the kind of personality you posses is essential to be considered and accepted wholeheartedly by You. You do not have to alter your likes and dislikes just for the sake of securing a vacancy in a firm, or seeking a specific profession. There is no shame in accepting your uniqueness even if the majority of the people aren’t the way you are.

Embrace your soul, the way it is, always.

The field you choose to opt for should be quite similar to your personality traits. This is another important factor.

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Every individual desires for different aims in life, and the goals you plan for should ultimately pave the way towards your true passion. You have to ponder over your dreams and aims in life. All the things that are happening around you, the things in life which matter you the most. This will help you significantly in deciding about your passion in life. Do think of your dreams while choosing your profession. Your true passion is the path that will guide you to change your dreams into reality. Remember that, always.

In the beginning, it might be difficult for you to deal with the career you have chosen for yourself and about which you are quite passionate. Challenges and failures are always going to be a consistent part of your life. You have to learn the ways which will help you deal with them, and a lot of times fight with them without having fear and nervousness. It will make you question your limits. It will disturb you for sometime, but, in the end, you will be gratified. Nothing is that easy in life, for this life is a test and a trail for everyone, and it is meant to be hard and scary at times.

In the end, take help from Google, which will make things even more clear for you. It is going to be quite a sensible approach to research regarding all the career opportunities which match your field of studies, your personality, choices, goals, dreams, academics you have chosen previously, and your true passion, of course. List them down on a piece of paper and compare them. Try to figure out that which career opportunity will help you turn your dreams into realities.

You don’t have to talk to every other person regarding it, just seek the assistance of the like-minded people. Those who are educated and enlightened. Those who understand you, your dreams, your way of thinking, and most importantly your true passion. 

Written by Wardah Noor | Cover Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash


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